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In order to succeed these days as a business owner, you will need to successfully navigate through the increased and rigorous demands of the business and that of the customers too.  This is why most organizations demand help from consultants in order to improve their all-round performance. At Business Cardinal, we offer various business consulting services that will enable success of our clients business through formulating strategies, creating a team to execute the strategies, and using our experiences to help manage the growth of your firm

So whether you are experiencing difficulties with your company’s internal processes and culture or you need a new business strategy that will help your firm reach its goal, Business Cardinal is at your service. In providing business consulting, we focus on validating your business processes and ensuring that our solutions support your strategy.

We provide the best consulting services in Nigeria 


At Business Cardinal, we offer more than advice, we solve complex problems, and we devise strategies, and improve the operational and financial health of their client. Our business consulting services are tailored according to your firm’s needs, they include the following:

  • Developing business strategies or idea creation

We help develop various strategies that will guide your company through a road map that will lead towards its success. We will proceed to understanding your business and the needs, then we focus on developing a strategy or a blue print for your organization

  • Operational and process excellence

We will work closely with your team while diving into your organization operations and devising new means through technology, people and processes that will create sustainable results for your organization.

  • Risk management

We will also try through various possible means to ensure that your company avoid risks that are detrimental towards the organisation’s growth. In order to avoid risks we proceed by identifying them, classifying and evaluating these risks in order to help secure the future of your business

We can help you whether you are a start-up or an existing business

  • Reviews and Audits

At Business Cardinal, we will put in place internal control system for processes allows you to define and conduct internal auditing procedures. We will also ensure that we reviews various activities in your business that are stiffening your growth

  • Assisting start-ups and existing businesses

At Business Cardinal, we assist start-up companies and existing companies in analysing various future challenges and also in helping them develop solutions that are key to their growth and development. For start-up companies, we consider possible options for idea execution and recommend the most profitable medium for them

  • Supervision and Staff training

We also make provision of experts and professionals that will train our client’s staffs, efficiently equipping them in order to ensure that they become proficient in their duties

  • Financial management, Accounting and Bookkeeping

We can help your organization improve its financial processes and systems by transforming your finance or accounts department so that you will able to focus on other activities. We can provide either virtual or onsite services to your organization in order to improve the financial management of your organization. We carry out financial management processes.

  • Providing financial statements on a timely basis so that it will help the business owner make proactive decisions
  • Maintain general ledgers
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • Tracking and analysing the accounts payable and receivable
  • Reviewing income statements
  • Performing bank reconciliations
  • Analysis of outstanding checks or deposits
  • Establishing routines to ensure consistency in data entry

We will help you create and improve the cost savings of your organization

  • Human capital or resources

We identify, access, engage, evaluate, represent, facilitate, broker and then place the right person in to the role. We offer a comprehensive service, screening candidates for both technical and behavioural fit and matching them to both the organisation and the role situation.

  • Marketing

We also help businesses with marketing ideas that are efficient and will help promote the business image. At Business Cardinal, we ensure that create a marketing plan that will be implemented by our clients in order help them expand their horizons.

  • Taxation

We offer advice to businesses on the legal methods to pay the least amount of tax possible. We ensure that we provide support and advice at every stage of the tax cycle         by ensuring proper filing and remittance of taxes, tax preparation and planning, obtaining tax clearance certificates, assessing and providing solution to tax issues, managing and maintaining the company’s data base, and preparing tax reports.  Our services cut across the Personal Income Tax (PIT), Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Withholding Tax (WHT), Education tax, Transfer pricing and also the Value Added Tax (VAT).

  • Payroll management

We also aid companies by using our knowledge and expertise in aiding them manage their payroll system and operations. This applies to all kind of business whether small, medium or large.

  • Business planning

This document is a detailed statement of your business objectives, with the strategy you plan to use to achieve them. We also develop business plan for different industries for start-ups and even existing companies. We are one the best rated business plan drafting company with over 12 years’ experience and numerous satisfied clients. We have written different business plans specific to our clients ranging from various industries and sectors. We will create comprehensive action plans for either sections of the business or the entire company, depending on your needs and requirements, and through analysis of your stakeholders. Our business plan services cut across various business such as

–           Laundry Business

–           Serviette Production

–           Bottled Water Factory

–           Gas Processing Plants

–           Oil & Gas Tank Farms

–           Gas Stations

–           Road Transport Business

–           Business

–           Establishing a Micro-finance Bank

–           Mortgage Bank

–           Regional Bank

–           Merchant Bank and Commercial Bank

–           Business Plan Writing for Stockbroking Business

–           Insurance Business

–           Insurance Brokerage

–           Wealth and Asset Management Firms

–           Security Service

–           Industrial Cleaning & Fumigation Services

–           Petrol Stations

  • Outsourcing

We make provision of special value outsourcing services that enables companies and organizations to strategically focus on their core business while we aid in taking care of other non-core activities and functions that may be a distraction to their primary activities. Our outsourcing services includes:

  1. Staff Management
  2. Temporary staff service
  3. Certificate verification or Background check
  4. Expense management
  5. Staff Induction
  6. Pension Management
  7. Insurance Management
  8. Fleet outsourcing
  9. Business process management
  • Business Intelligence

We also ensure that we provide the best advice that can be implemented in all areas and departments of our clients company. We help our clients stay competitive in the market place. We will equip you with the business intelligence solutions and advisory support to make the most cost-effective business decisions


  • Access to expertise and knowledge

At Business Cardinal, we have experts, professionals, strategists with years of experience that will ensure that your business needs whatsoever are met. You will also have access to executive level help and experience as needed to assist with key objectives.

  • Avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls

We will ensure that your business makes better and effective decisions from the start that will ensure that costly mistakes that are detrimental to your business are not made. We do this by mitigating various risk

  • Having access to skills for specific tasks fast and reliable

We provide help with business tasks to accomplish business requirements. We ensure this by providing various skills and expertise according to the specifications of your organization

  • Affordable

Our services are affordable are tailored and customized according to your needs

  • Saves time and resources

Acquiring our services will save your time and your precious resources since we devise various means that will ensure that your finances are properly managed

  • Increase the value of your management and operations

Hiring us will increase the value of your operations and that of your organization. Our tools and strategies and very effective and it will ensure that your organization attains its goals

At Business Cardinal, we will transform the way that your organization works by aligning our strategies with your organization goals, people, processes, technology and data. Our goal is to optimize and improve the way that you operate. Our consultants provide organizations with strategic leadership and transformational insights, obtained through years of experience in various industries. We diagnose the current state and any issues in your processes and systems and measure them against requirements and goals.

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Together, we work with you to deliver thoughtful, practical guidance and recommendations.