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A business plan is a guide, blueprint or a road map that allows business owners to clearly state their business goals, procedures and measures they will take in order to achieve them and they funds needed to implement the business goals and objectives. Most business owns tend to be busy chasing customers, developing customers and building a team rather than focusing on drafting a business plan that will ensure the long run growth and stability of their business

At Business Cardinal, we are one the best rated business plan drafting company with over 12 years’ experience and numerous satisfied clients. We have written different business plans specific to our clients ranging from various industries and sectors. Our professionals and experts ensure that the business plan we draft includes proper strategic planning, internal planning, external planning, investor fund raising and bank loans.

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Business Cardinal is a consulting company with competence in business plan writing, business feasibility studies writing and financial advisory services. We have offered our business plan services to clients in different services and sectors.

Our business plan services cut across the following businesses

–          Laundry Business

–          Serviette Production

–          Bottled Water Factory

–          Gas Processing Plants

–          Oil & Gas Tank Farms

–          Gas Stations

–          Road Transport Business

–          Business

–          Establishing a Micro-finance Bank

–           Mortgage Bank

–          Regional Bank

–           Merchant Bank and Commercial Bank

–           Business Plan Writing for Stockbroking Business

–          Insurance Business

–          Insurance Brokerage

–          Wealth and Asset Management Firms

–           Engineering Construction & Contracting,



–          Toilet Paper

–          Personal Care

–           Cosmetic Manufacturing Plants

–          Printing

–          Wholesales & Retail Merchandizing

–          Clothes Manufacturing Plants

–          Tailoring

–          Photography Studios

–          Hair Cut Salon

–          Cosmetology

–          Security Services

–          Janitorial Services

–          Industrial Cleaning & Fumigation Services

–          Petrol Stations

–          Gas Stations

–          Export Business

–          Block Moulding

–          Oil & Gas Servicing Business

–           Security Provision

–          Sport & Entertainment

–          Shoe making

–          Soap making



–          Agriculture Farms

–           Fish & Poultry Farming

–           Integrated Farming

–           Hotels

–          Restaurants and Fast-Foods

–          Bakery & Confectionary Business

–          Night-Clubbing

–          Production Plants

–          Computer Plants

–           Cable Manufacturing Plants

–          Foam Manufacturing Plants

–          Paper Production Plants

–           Packaging Plants

–           Footwear Manufacturing

–          Food & Beverage Plants

–          Bakery

–          Water bottling plant

–          Auto-Sales Shop

–          Supermarkets and Shopping Malls

–          Real Estate Developments

–          Manufacturing

–          Radio & Television Establishment

–           Newspaper Publishing

–          Movie Production

–          Music Production

–           Photography

–          Courier Service

–          Health & Safety Equipment Sales & Services

–          Printing

–           Straw Production

–           Plastic Manufacturing Plants

–          Steel



–          Power Generating Plants

–          Music recording studio


At Business Cardinal, we help various businesses pursue a new business idea, drive an existing business, seek financing, refinance existing loans and help review the performance of the business.

When a business owner thinks of a new idea and has thoroughly evaluated it and is convinced well enough to implement it, you may need to engage a professional accountant or a firm of consultants with the knack for figures to run the numbers and test the financial feasibility and viability of your new business idea. That is why we at Business Cardinal with the professionals, experts and experience that will back up your idea with effective planning, financial projections and assumptions.


Every entrepreneur or business owner with employees or a fresh start up business needs a business plan. Having a business plan shows that the business owner is making strategic plans for the growth of the company. The following businesses should have a business plan:

  • Start-up Businesses

A business that is just about to come forth should have a business plan in place in order to ensure that everything is in place and the start-up doesn’t suffer hiccups. A start-up business without a proper business plan will eventually mismanaged which will later lead to debts or closure of the business

  • Business owners with Partners or seeking to acquire Partners

A business plan will clearly state the agreements between partners ensuring that is fair, likewise it can be used to acquire new partners to help fund the business

  • Existing businesses

Existing businesses are not left out when it comes to having a business plan. It is very key to the growth of an existing business as it makes it flexible to changes in the economy, environment and technology.

  • Business owners looking for financing or loans

Whether it is a small, medium, or large business, if you are seeking for individuals to invest in your business or loans from financial institution, you must have a proper and well drafted business plan. It will show them how you plan to use the money that they invested in your business


A business owner should ensure that he or she gets a business plan because:

  • Having a business plan can open your business to lots of investors and financial funding that will lead to the growth and development of your business
  • It helps the business to sharpen its focus to their needs and specifications in order to fully implement their strategies
  • It aids business owners in aligning their priorities appropriately
  • It allows the business to be flexible which makes it cope with any changes in the environment or economy
  • It broadens the accountability of the business which requires the business owner to check in on the operations of the business to ensure that it goes according to plan
  • It ensures proper spending of cash and capital and curbs out unnecessary spending
  • It serves as a consistent reminder to the business owner of their achievements


When aiding in formulating a business plan for our clients, we at Business Cardinal follow these 5 key steps:


The first step is discovery, we work closely with our clients by understanding their specific needs and the vision they have for their business. In the discovery part we map out the business plan and prepare the needs of the client


The second step is the research, at this point our experts gather up to date information, sources and key statistics that are relevant to formulating a business plan specific to our clients’ needs and industry. Any detailed plan always has rich statistics and information that will help the business thrive and grow in the long run


After the research comes the financial projections of the business. This is a critical component to the success of the firm and it covers the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow analysis and other relevant openings of accounts that will help with the financials for the business. The business plan will include a 3-5 years annual projection created for the business model. Our financial projections are realistic and accurate.


After the discovery, research work, and the financial parts of the business plan of the business. To ensure that we and our clients are on the same boat, we give them opportunities to review the work we have done so far in order to ensure that it is everything they wanted it to be


After the review and revision has been done by our clients, we complete the final template with the financials and send the final package to our clients. We will fill in all the necessary details of the Business Plan, obtain and incorporate your feedback as we finalize it


We provide ongoing support, including making minor updates to the deliverables at no additional charge for up to 90 days following the delivery of final documents.


Our business plan covers all the essential information of your business and it runs to at least 40-70 pages depending on your business. The outline of our standard business plan covers the following


Business Plan Outline –Business Cardinal

Cover Sheet

  1. Company name, & address
  2. Website address if applicable
  3. Company logo (if available)
  4. Date
  5. Organization name and address to whom plan is submitted (if known)


The table of content consists of

  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (This will be done after the plan is written)

This covers one or two page summary overview of the business plan highlighting the primary ideas from each of the business plan components, starting with the most important highlights, i.e., details that emphasize the potential for success.

  1. Business Overview
  2. Market Overview: The Opportunity & Solution
  3. Competition
  4. Financial Highlights
  5. Our Ask

This is the introduction and description of your company. It covers the following details

  1. Mission and vision
  2. Overview of company history/capabilities
  3. Product description and present stage of development
  4. Competitive advantage (what’s different or better than competition)
  5. Past customers and performance (if applicable)
  6. Legal entity, hours of operation, location description and attributes
  7. Structure & Ownership
  8. Management Team
  9. Intellectual property status (if applicable)
  10. Commercialization strategies (if applicable – timeframe and actions to move from idea to marketplace)

This covers the following:

  1. Definition of Products or Services to be Sold
  2. Product Viability
  3. Technology
  1. Industry Analysis: Description of what’s happening in the industry overall.
  2. Historical Industry data and the nature of the industry, including its growth potential.
  3. Influencing economic factors and the purpose of the industry analysis.
  4. Products and Service Alternative to the Industry if any
  5. Geographical growth, Consumer base, price fluctuations, past performances and income projections (if data is available)
  6. Forecast industry growth for the next five or ten years (Statistical graph may be used)
  7. Porter’s Five Forces model and a detailed write-up about its five factors, its use and repercussions in the industry. The Porter 5 forces are
  • Intensity of industry rivalry
  • Threat of potential entrants
  • Bargaining power of suppliers
  • Bargaining power of buyers
  • Threat of substitute goods/services

OR the PEST analysis can be applied and it consists of the broad Factors Analysis which are

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technological



This stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  It can be a great way of summarizing various industry analysis methods and determining their implications for the business in question, governmental regulations relevant to the industry, long-term and short-term valuations impacting the industry such as any foreseeable problems impacting the business in a negative fashion and potential corrective measures.


  1. Market size(Estimate of the total market size for the product or service and trends
  2. Quantification of the size of each market segment in terms of (Naira spent, units used, number of people, percent of income etc.)
  3. Competition to the business
  4. Market Segmentation and Demographics
  5. Customer Profile(Actual and potential purchasers of product or services by market segments)
  6. Barriers to Entry
  7. Regulation
  8. Primary and secondary markets/segments (best customer groups in terms of quantity and/or profitability)
  9. Size of available market segments (number of potential customers and potential sales)
  10. Predicted annual growth rate of market segments/Market Growth

The market analysis also covers the:


  • Description of target market (ideal customer profile – demographics, characteristics, preferences)
  • Geographic area of market (where are customers located, how close/how far)
  • Problem solved or need filled for the market by this product or service
  • Buying behaviour (when, how, how many)
  • Purchase decision making process/patterns


  1. Direct and indirect competitors (Who – what – where – how – total sales)
  2. Market share of competitors
  3. SWOT Analysis: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats


  • Marketing and sales objectives
  • Current customer profile (if applicable)
  • Benefit/feature analysis of product/service (value proposition, why customers want/need)
  • Potential strategic partners (other businesses with common customer base, complementary product/service)
  • Pricing (Price points, margins, profitability at various levels of sales)
  • Promotion
  • Marketing plan (Detailed advertising, promotion and publicity plan including budget/costs, assumptions, and implementation schedule, 1 year minimum)
  • Sales plan (Sales force analysis and expectations, distribution channels, commissions/costs, customer service, warranties)
  • Government contracting — direct or subcontracted
  • Franchise requirements re marketing/sales support and co-marketing commitment (if applicable)
  • Marketing Review, Monitoring or evaluation



  • Management Team (Key owners, officers — background, qualifications, duties and responsibilities, salaries and benefits)
  • Other key personnel to be recruited and/or contract services to be utilized (accounting, legal, IT, marketing, sales reps…)
  • Staffing objectives (Number of employees, job duties and requirements, hiring and training plan)
  • Human resource budget/Personnel Plan
  • Board of Directors, advisory board (if applicable)


  • Work processes (as applicable — work flow, inventory management and budget, process and production methods, use of subcontractors, quality control, returns and warranty management, shipping/distribution…)
  • Space and equipment requirement
  • Geographic Location Advantages
  • Facilities needs
  • Manufacturing needs (if applicable)
  • Special tools or equipment needs
  • Organizational chart
  • Franchise requirements and support provided (if applicable)

Research and Development (if applicable)

  • Research and development objectives
  • Proprietary Rights
  • Timing
  • Costs
  • Strategy
  • Milestones and contingency plans
  • Difficulties and risks, plans to overcome them
  • Special budget needs


  • Critical Risks and Associated Assumptions with each section of the business plan
  • Contingency Plans to accommodate problems and delays
  • Industry Risks
  • Company Risks
  • Personnel Risks
  • Timing
  • Product and Market Acceptance Risks
  • Liabilities and contingencies


These deals with the consultants, professionals and experts that solve complex problems of the organization


  • Assumptions (Explanation of the basis for the income and expense projections)
  • Cash flow projection and/or existing (3 years) with breakeven analysis
  • Income/Expense projection and/or existing (3 years with ratios and benchmarks to industry)
  • Sources and uses of funds (funds needed, owner equity, how funds will be used/start-up cost analysis
  • Existing debt/financing/equity terms and conditions (if applicable)
  • Notes to the Financial Projections
  • Three Years historical financial statements(for existing business)
  • Start-Up Opening Balance Sheet
  • Interim State
  • Balance sheet (existing business or start-up highly capitalized)
  • Exit strategy


  • Amount of Money Sought
  • Use of Proceeds
  • Funding history, funding references
  • Pricing and deal structure(including terms and payback
  • Capitalization-existing and pro forma



  • List of owners (over 20% equity)
  • Personal financial statements on all owners, tax returns, principal’s resumes, letters of recommendation, Purchase agreements, site plans, or other documentation referenced in plan.
  • Charts, graphs, or tables that supplement information
  • Product Illustration or Product Packaging Samples
  • Marketing Materials
  • Resume of Key Management Team/Board
  • Building Permit
  • Credit History
  • Detailed Market Studies
  • Detailed Financial Plan
  • Schedule of all debts, liabilities and leases
  • Best and Worst Outcome

We may modify the table of contents to suit your requirements


  • Business Cardinal has an unmatched reputation when it comes to formulating the right business plan for clients of different services
  • We have raised millions of funds for our clients due to our effective and efficient business plan services
  • There is no sector or industry that we can’t handle. Our experience cuts across various industries and sectors
  • Our Team comprise of Chartered Accountants, Researchers, Project Managers and Business Analyst with hands-on industry experience.
  • We have over 12 years of experience when it comes to dealing with business plans
  • Our business plan services are cost effective and are affordable for any type of business whether small, medium or large.
  • We invest the time and resources needed to make sure your plan meets any lender or financial institution’s expectations.

As a business grows, the business plan is not meant to be static, it should be subject to changes mow and then. Every company should have a business plan, whether new or existing as it allows an organization to lay out its goals and attract investment and funding.

Business Cardinal ranks among one of the best business plan writing firm in Nigeria. We provide the best buOur knowledge includes variety of industries and sectors, we are not limited to any.  Our business plan is flexible and will meet the needs and specifications of our clients. Contact us for your business plan services on 08023200801, 08075765799,