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Business Cardinal is a leading debt recovery company managed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the financial and business arenas. We provide debt recovery service in Nigeria.

We have the ability and have successfully assisted retail, private and public sector clients with debt recovery of varying sizes and complexities across the world.

We aim to become the service provider of choice to lenders, regulatory bodies and providers of incidental credit worldwide in respect of unique debt recovery solutions.

When dealing with our client’s debt recovery process, the following details should be provided

  • The address of the person owing you (the debtor)
  • The amount that is owed by the debtors
  • The span or age of the debt
  • A copy of the evidences showing the contract agreement
  • A copy of any acknowledgement email or correspondence from the debtor where he/she/it confirms to undertake the debt
  • Any issues you and the debtor that may be of advantage to the debtor by allowing him to avoid liability. Such issues includes supplying goods of substandard quality, goods arriving late or goods having incorrect specifications. Although some of these issues may not be true on the part of the debtor. You will need to disclose them to us in order to be able to counter them


Our debt recovery service in Nigeria consists of the following items:

  • Recovery of prolonged outstanding debts through persistent follow-up techniques.
  • Skip tracing i.e. tracking and tracing of missing debtors.
  • Establishing a supple repayment plan for debt settlement.
  • Monitoring of debt regularly for prompt collection.
  • Accounts receivable: this debt recovery service describes the legal claim of enforcement for payment.
  • Sales ledger management: which is part of the debt recovery services’ package;
  • Insolvency debt collection recovery services
  • Credit analysis & credit checks: the debt collection agency evaluates the applicant’s loan request to determine whether the borrower will live up to his obligations or not, and calculates the possibility of bad debt formation
  • Close contact with the debtor: During the period of the subject’s delinquency (until the debt has been cleared), the recovery agency sends constant reminders in the form of letters, emails, contact by phone, voicemails, etc.
  • Bad debts clearance debt recovery services:
  • Credit control & credit management services: Credit control and credit management serve a dual purpose- increasing sales revenues and minimizing the risk of bad debts. Credit control is the system that “prevents the business from becoming illiquid due to improper and uncoordinated issuance of credit to customers or even lending in a financial institution”. These debt recovery services are essential for each business to plan and focus on an excellent credit strategy and avoid the formation of default payments. This technique helps in reducing costs and increasing profits within the creditor’s company. Debt collection agencies, which provide credit control services, usually offer training within their client’s organization as well;
  • Debt compliance represents various legal measures and actions taken to ensure that the second party (the debtor) makes efforts to repay the debt
  • Solicitor legal process services & litigation process


Required Top Debt Recovery Service in Lagos, Nigeria?


  • Commercial debt
  • Education debt
  • International debt
  • E-commerce debt
  • Government debt

Our Methodology

  • Link Analysis
  • Using technology to automate debt management
  • Automating receivables management
  • Enforcement debt collection service
  • Establishing Ability to Pay
  • Pressure and Persuasion
  • Fraud Triangle
  • Tracing services and enquiry agents: this facilitates our recovery process by locating the debtor and sending an agent to recover the bad debt. The contact between the agent and the debtor is important because it can lead to an acceptable arrangement concerning the debt recovery.


At Business Cardinal, in ensuring that we provide efficient and effective services that will lead us to achieving your goals during the procedure of the debt recovery, we carry out the following processes:

  1. Agreement with our Clients

The first step in our debt recovery process is to have a meeting with our clients either virtually or physically and have an agreement on the certain procedures and strategies that will be carried out in order to ensure a successful debt recovery process

  1. Sending a demand notice to the debtors

After the clients has provided all the details of the debtors, we then proceed to sending a demand notice to all of them in order to inform them of what is at hand. This will be inform of a written letter or through an email.

  1. Phone calls to the debtors

After sending a demand notice to the debtors, the next thing to do is to call them and communicate with them on how they plan of paying the debt owed to our clients

  1. Follow up

We follow up on the phone calls by contacting them frequently and pressurizing them with various strategies in order to ensure that they pay the amount that is owed

  1. Deadline notice

After the previous four steps have been carried out and there has been no signs of positivity or improvement from the debtor’s side, we will issue an ultimatum notice to the debtor which will state the span of time he or she or it has to pay back the debt

  1. Client approval for law suit

If after issuing a deadline notice to the debtors and they do not respond, we will seek our client’s approval to carry out a law suit

  1. Send to an attorney

After receiving the client’s approval for a law suit, we will use the services of the attorney present in our organization to our client’s advantage

  1. Legal judgement

During the court proceedings, we are sure that the legal judgement will favour that of our client.

  1. Recuperation

After the legal judgement, the option that is left is to recover all your unpaid debts from the debtors

Why choose us?

  • Accounts receivable management 

We help turn clients with default in payments into good customer again.

  • Maintaining clients

Our goal as your debt collection specialist is to turn debtors with default in payments into long-lasting clients again. This can be achieved by developing capable win-win solutions for clients and debtors.

  • Fast placement of debt collection 

Do you know how much money you waste? Late due dates reduce the success rate for collection receivable tremendously.

  • Guaranteed reduction of your accounts receivable

The longer you wait for your money, the more your business will suffer. We guarantee a reduction of your accounts receivable and the risk of bad debt loss. Your business is will generate new orders.

  • One contact person for everything

We help to increase your cash flow. Our strict organization, staff, trained for rapid intervention, and a lot of personal attention – that is our simple formula for success. You always have to deal just with one partner who will inform continuously about your cases and by e-mail or telephone.

  • Debt recovery service

How many languages ​​do I need to learn to collect my debts? Not one. You just need to contact us. Our branch offices or affiliated partners represent your interests worldwide. You have one contact person in your native language, you do not have to worry about translations, legal standards and so on. We have the experience and necessary local staff that takes care of all issues. You are free to focus at your own core business, we do the rest for you.

  • Legal proceedings

Some companies are unfortunately particularly unwilling to pay or unable to pay. In case the out of court collection has remained unsuccessfully, the file will be evaluated by experienced lawyers. B4B supports by recommending whether or not legal action would be suitable.

  • Bad debt collection

Insolvency proceedings. In case of bankruptcy, we will lodge the claims for our clients all over the world.

  • No upfront payments

No recovery, No fees basis. We agree on a percentage of collected debts as our fees and are also willing to work with you on a no-fee, no pay basis

  • Ethical Recovery Processes

We are experts in debt recovery. Our experienced debt collectors deploy their skills to negotiate and persuade debtors to extract payments and in some case obtain installment payments where bullet repayment is not feasible.

  • Our people are professionals with experience in debt recovery and are primed to give you topnotch attention.
  • Our people have worked in various industries are willing to deploy their knowledge to the service of our clients.
  • We hold meeting with you to understand your needs and come up with debt recovery solutions that are implementable with little backlash.
  • We provide you with regular feedback on our recovery efforts and allow you control of the process.


  • Manufacturers
  • Service Providers
  • ICT
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government agencies
  • Health Care
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Professional & Technical Services
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Market
  • Construction
  • Power
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Trade: Import & Exports


  • Why should we engage Business Cardinal?

We are Professional, Result-driven, ethical, dependable, client-focused, experienced, knowledgeable in Law, Commerce and Relationship Management.

  • What does it cost to engage us?

No upfront fees. We work on the principle of No Recovery, No fees. Our Client only bear Cost of Filing a Matter in Court. No Court appearance fees. We believe in recovering the debt. You don’t bear unnecessary legal cost should litigation recommended as an option to recover is accepted by you

  • What is the minimum no of account do you accept?

We have no minimum no of account receivable for us to recover

  • What is the minimum debt size?

₦1,000,000 or USD Equivalent

  • What type of debt do you accept?

We accept all types of debt

  • How long will your pre-legal recovery efforts take?

It depends on the case and situation of the debtor. The extent to which he is willing to settle the debt, admittance of the debt, disagree with the amounts owed, the financial situation of the debtor

  • What is your Debt Recovery Process?

Demand Letters, Reminders, Phone Calls, and Personal Visit on schedule, Memorandum of Settlement, Litigation & Enforcement of Judgments.

  • What is the Age of Debts you accept?

We accept debts not older than 6years.

  • Do you provide Field Services?

We hold schedule meetings at times convenient with the Debtors. No field agents.

  • Is Documentation needed?

Yes. We require documentation to be able to know how to negotiate with the debtor, the nature of the debt, be put in position to get the debtor to admit the debt

  • What type of Documentation do I need?

Invoices, Delivery Notes/Waybill, Statement of Account, Work Orders, Purchasing Order, Letters of Awards of Contracts, Agreements, Offer and Acceptance of Loans, Evidence of payments made, email correspondence, records of phone calls, SMS Chats, demand notices, admittance by the debtors of the debts , undertakings, promissory notes, dishonoured cheques, etc. and also evidence that support the claim.

  • Do you offer Litigation Services if Pre-legal action fails to compel repayment of the debt?

Yes, we do in affiliation with a team of Legal Practitioners who work with us to deliver this service. Gainfully, no fees are paid for Court appearances.

Are collection fees legal to be added to the balance owed for both consumer and or commercial debt?

Yes, if same was incorporated in or contemplated by the Contract. Otherwise a victorious party in a litigation would be entitled only to Costs

  • Other Conditions?

You are with Nigeria’s Top Debt Recovery Service Provider

We will be happy to accept recovery action for debtors in good financial standing and in a position to pay the debt or have assets that can be seized and auctioned in events we have to get them to pay through litigation and they failed to satisfy the judgment debt after mediation failed.In executing our work, we advise litigation if we conclude that is the most appropriate way forward, after taking the financial position of the debtor into account.

At Business Cardinal, we keep our client abreast at regular intervals on a case by case basis, the results of our efforts. We therefore render:

  • Effective and ethical debt collecting services through persistent yet professional follow up techniques.
  • Monitoring and tracking of debtors payment plans and payment arrangements
  • Tracking and tracing of missing debtors
  • Fast, efficient feedback to customers as to the progress on their account.

Business Cardinal offers the best debt recovery services in Nigeria as we make recovering your debts a pleasure with our time-honored approach. We trace the debtors, review their credit files, do our letter demanding for the repayments, sending of reminders, warning letters and discussing further actions that may lead to litigation to compel the debtor to pay the debt. For more information on our debt recovery services, please call us on 08023200801, 08075765799, Email:

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