Small Business Advisory Services In Nigeria


Advisory services can be regarded as advice given by professionals and experts in different fields and areas according to the requirement and specification of the client regarding various matters. At Business Cardinal, we ensure that our advisory services are provided to our clients with the goal to support the undertaking and help in specific areas like legal, business, and finance aspects of the business.


In this technological and competitive era, maintaining a business in any sector is a very tough and difficult task. Most business owners are not aware of many things regarding their business such as where the business is going, the financials of the business, the internal control adopted and where the business is heading to. This is why they need proper guidance which can be gotten through advisory services.

Advisory services are a huge need for every business organization. Advisory services are important because:

  • Increased profitability

Whenever the business or organization profit are diminishing and is facing a downfall, it better for the owner to seek assistance from business advisory services. At Business Cardinal, we will aid in restructuring your business to the changes in the environment, organize new strategies that will push your business beyond its previous profitability peak.

  • Financials advice

Mismanagement of funds, unnecessary spending and lack of proper recording measures of transactions will lead to the business packing up any time soon. The financials are the back bone of any business organization whether small or big, a business owner will proper financial strategies to continue to remain at the top of their game. At Business Cardinal, we have accountants, professionals and experts with over 12 years of experience that aid in your better financial management

  • Innovative approach

Advisory provide innovate ways that will promote one’s business. Our experts and professionals at Business Cardinal with over 12 years’ experience will provide adequate solutions to our client’s problems. Advisory services ensures that business owners are provided insights to solve and avoid further challenges

  • Structure an effective business plan

At Business Cardinal, we help you restructure and draft a better and effective business plan by preventing and indicating some of the mistakes your firm made. We will ensure that proper planning taken before your firm takes any step for expansion

  • Help identify and cope with market growth

Whenever a business is expanding and growing, most business owners face challenges coping with the requirements and needs that comes with the changes and expansion. We will ensure that your organization is provided with well formulated techniques, measures and strategies in order to conquer the challenges that comes with the expansion and growth

  • Technology driven solution

The world as of today is changing with technology revolutionizing every aspect of businesses. Things are going digital and there is less need for paper work. When business owners don’t leverage on the use of technology for their businesses, they start losing their customers or lose to competition that are more technologically advanced. At Business Cardinal, we will ensure that our clients are provided technological solutions that will aid them in their various businesses

  • Outside opinion

One of the biggest advantages of a small business advisor is the fact that you get an outsider’s opinion of your business.          Third party advisors like Business Cardinal can look at your business as a whole and give you great insight as to what’s working, what’s not working, and what you can do about it. Also, they’ll be able to give you helpful tips and advice on where you can take your company, and they can help you set reasonable, achievable goals.

  • Varied experience

With a small business advisor, clients will have varied access to someone who’s experienced and well-versed versed in helping companies grow beyond their expectations. Your advisor will likely have helped hundreds, maybe even thousands, of companies grow and prosper in similar situations like yours. They may have even worked in the same industry or on the same type of business. You know you’re getting experience and a track record of success with a small business advisor.

  • Varied expertise

Choosing a small business advisor doesn’t just mean you get one person to help out your company; you get their whole team. These advisors come with a whole slew of colleagues and resources that they can pull from at any given moment. That means you get the best advice on bookkeeping, tax planning, supply chain management, human resources, financial advisory, accounting, legal budgeting, and more, all from proven experts in their craft

  • Free time to indulge in relevant activities

Getting the help of an advisor does more than just improve your business; it helps you personally, too. When you’re able to hand off your company’s problems, issues, and inefficiencies to an advisor, one who’s experienced and skilled in creating solutions, you’re left with a lot of free time on your hands. No longer do you have to roll up your sleeves and try to problem solve all your company’s issues on your own. Your advisor will handle that, and you can get back to doing what you do best which is running your successful business


For over 18 years, Business Cardinal have provided advisory services to help businesses succeed. We are experts at analysing businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. We discover areas for improvement and help establish ways to address the discussed problems. We serve business owners and management teams through an active dialogue and written report focused on the opportunities, challenges and issues facing your business, and listing alternative suggestions as possible solutions going forward.

We can provide small business advisory services in various fields: administrative, accounting, fiscal, legal and financial. The topics we can help you with include, but are not limited to:

  1. Starting a small business
  2. Helping you assess new business ideas
  3. Business structures
  4. Writing your business plan
  5. Market research
  6. Business licences and permits
  7. Getting relevant certificates
  8. Leasing commercial premises
  9. Financial management and tax
  10. Marketing – on and off-line
  11. Managing business disputes
  12. Debt recovery


At Business Cardinal we offer various small business advisory that suit the specifications of our clients. Through our expertise and experienced professionals, our clients has access to a team that is dedicated in helping them and their business succeed in the following services:

  1. Bookkeeping

We ensure that we provide accurate and timely financial records to your business because they are essential to the running of any business. We will also implement and set up an internal bookkeeping system in organizations so that they can have an accurate picture of their business financial standing and health

  1. Accounting

We provide our clients with accounting solutions to meet their needs whether it is accounting and bookkeeping. This will ensure that proper records of transaction are in place. Our accounting advisory services includes:

  • Preparation of financial statement
  • External audit
  • Accounting software setup
  • Account reconciliation and reconstruction
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll execution
  • IFRS advisory
  1. Financial Forecasting and Analysis

Even with a good bookkeeping system to keep track of actual results, business owners often do not have the time or ability to make real time decisions using this data, or to set goals with a financial forecast. We can help our clients in helping them understand fully all the details that pertain to their financials and train them on the skills needed to create a forecast for future growth

  1. Strategic planning

The day-to-day requirements of running a business don’t always allow ample time for planning for the future. Without a clear plan and goals for the future, it’s easy for a business to grow stagnant. At Business Cardinal we will help clients develop a strategic plan for the future and also aid in creating a roadmap to attainable goals. We help our client to harness their dreams by providing analysis of business requirements, research and implementation of customer feedback, market analysis, and product feasibility and testing.

  1. Human resources

Human capital is often a business’s key asset. The responsibilities of hiring, training, and retaining employees and contract workers are some of the greater challenges facing business owners today. Our human resources specialists can help your business organization navigate this complex area of their business and set up policies and protocols for the long term

  1. Website and E-commerce

Whether your business organization needs to launch their first website, increase their website traffic through SEO, or add e-commerce elements to their web presence, we’ll connect them with our expert to help them reach their goals. Polishing your website would also increase the traffic and engagements for your business organization

  1. Arrangement of start-up capital

Our clients rely on our experience and foresight for profitable investment opportunities. Our clients have diverse interests, so we work to link clients seeking investments with those seeking opportunities in start-up capital, based on those interests. We support start-up projects based on its financial potential. Capital raising involves investment readiness assessment, feedback on investor materials, selection of relevant financers, introductions and advice throughout the process. We help clients prepare for the process of raising capital, from the initial pitch to due diligence and financial close

  1. Business plan

We also aid existing and new start-up businesses in creating a business plan for the implementation of strategies to ensure profitability and growth. The business plan will serve as a road map towards achieving these goals.

  1. Partnership support

We work with clients to develop partnerships. These clients may be early or later stage, and may or may not be new actors in the region. A large focus is placed not only on identification of partners, but also on working with the client to ensure a partnership is consummated and has the highest probability for success.

  1. Tax Planning

Business Cardinal combines tax expertise with an in-depth understanding of your personal long-term goals to identify tax strategies.

  1. Budgeting, projections, & cash management

Business Cardinal also aids clients in creating budgets, making financial projections and forecast as well as the proper management of cash

  1. Payroll Management

Business Cardinal, an expert payroll outsourcing company, has an experienced team with deep expertise to deliver outstanding payroll services and differentiate you amongst your business competitors.

  1. Growth and Risk Management

We help you understand and manage risk and seek an appropriate balance between risk and opportunities. We assist our clients with risk and management control practices that will enable them measure, monitor, manage and control unexpected happenings and risks.

Other small advisory services we offer includes the following:

  • Strategic consulting & industry benchmarking
  • Obtaining business financing & debt restructure
  • Accounting system set-up, training, & review
  • Internal controls & fraud
  • Litigation support
  • Ownership & management succession planning


You should hire Business Cardinal for your small business advisory services due to the following:

  • Experience

At Business Cardinal, our experience of over 12 years and market intelligence ensures that we provide adequate strategic decisions to our clients

  • Adaptability

We ensure that our clients adapt to the changes in the market place environment and are flexible to any variation

  • Financing

We aid our clients in finding various means for financing their growth and expansion. We improve our client’s financial processes and systems, reduce costs and transform their finance function entirely

  • Government and regulatory compliance

We aid our clients in implementing effective and reliable governance and compliance procedures

  • Competitive Advantage

We boost the competitive advantages of our clients. We ensure that we provide the best advisory services that will for our clients and push them above their competitors

  • Prevention of fraud and corruption

We develop systems and measures that will curb out fraud and corruption in our client’s firm

  • Diagnosis

We diagnose and address underperformance, challenges, problems and devise workable solutions that will maximise the value of our clients

  • Professional team of experts

Our advisory gives you access to professional team of experts who study and research a lot about government regulations. Business Cardinal has an experienced team of experts who can manage benefits and deductions in payroll system.

Sometimes, when business gets tough, it’s hard to separate your feelings from the needs of your company. In order to truly evaluate what your company requires to move forward, you need a neutral third party, one who’s an expert in growing businesses and improving company efficiency. Essentially, you need a small business advisor.

Running a business is a challenging endeavour for any individual, but fortunately you don’t have to do it alone. Your own personal team of business advisors is closer than you think. Our professionals have spent years honing expertise in a wide range of business advisory services and will proactively look for ways to truly add value to your organization. For more information on small business advisory services in Nigeria, you can contact us on 08023200801, 08075765799, Email: